Travel: Pebble Beach, California

Pebble Beach, California


There is something magical about the fog rolling in off the ocean in the afternoon. The damp air, the smell of the seaweed and salt water, the crashing waves and the color of the turbulent waters below. A stop on Pebble Beach, home of the famed golf course and beautiful homes, gave me just the taste of the ocean I was missing after driving north following all of SoCal’s sun.


The ocean will always a piece of my heart, even though I live in a mountainous land-locked state. Some people hate the fog in Northern California, but it is just so pretty and matches the jagged landscape so nicely. What do you love about the ocean? The smell? The creatures? The sound?



Pebble Beach, California
My brother and I kicking the sand around.
Pebble Beach, California.
Creatures in the tide pools.
Pebble Beach, California
I wish I could end everyday reflecting with this as my backdrop.
Pebble Beach, California.
Just me pretending to the be queen of the world.
Pebble Beach, California
Waves crashing on the rocks – can you imagine trying to get to land hundreds of years ago from this coastline?
Pebble Beach, California.
A dark and dreary bench overlooking the foggy coast.
Pebble Beach, California.
Pools of water moving with the tides.
Pebble Beach, California.
Fog rolling in on Pebble Beach, California.

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