Modern. Rustic. Mountain. City. My tastes change monthly as I pursue my favorite design styles. Where I find beauty isn’t ever where I’m looking, but I find myself lusting after niche styles and interesting spaces. I visit Pinterest for initial inspiration, then head off to the corners of the internet to learn about taste makers and designers. In this space on the blog, you’ll find my musings about what I want later on in life because as of today, it doesn’t make much sense.

You’ll find I love stone, white linens, subdued schemes with a pop of one color. I’m particularly fascinated by small spaces – whole houses on a small-scale, or the small nooks inside of huge homes. This is where the character is at.

Amongst my material wishes (which are numerous), I always dream about life with nothing but the basics. Meshing the two is where I’ll find my design style…one day. The the opulence of the second image from a recent trip to the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California is also a once in a while dream.

To read all of my posts all about design, which are infrequent at best, have a look at:



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