The Road Home

We concluded our wonderful trip driving home to Denver on a Friday afternoon through Glenwood Springs. Besides Independence Pass, which we took up to Aspen, the drive back to Denver on I-70 through Glenwood Springs is one of my favorites.

While on the trip, I signed a contract to start with an amazing new company in an exciting role. Leo has final interviews scheduled with a couple companies. And so we returned home with our hearts full, our dreams reinvigorated after both being laid off on the same day, and faith in nature and good company to make everything right in the world.

All of the anxieties of the unknown. Of starting something new. Of wondering if the path we’re on  is the one we’re meant to take. All of the anxieties melted away by a week with my love  celebrating nature.

Returning from one home in the woods to our little home in the city. Both feel right and for that I am lucky.

There’s a dog snoring on my lap while I’m capturing the scenery.
The road home is one I love. 

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