Small Business Saturday Redux

With Leo out of town this weekend, I decided to tackle Christmas. I’m aiming for a silver, gold, white and hints of red in my decor. With a bit of a rustic touch. Being up in Aspen a few weeks ago inspired me!


Friday started with a trip to Goodwill to buy Christmas items which were then all painted a matching matte white. I wanted to find an vintage/rustic Santa, a few tall vases and candleholders. I found all of those items and then some! Some (ahem, husband) would argue I needed none of this stuff, but we are in a new, larger house than ever before, and I wanted to spruce up my holiday decor. Supremely successful.

Then, on Saturday, I participated in my own little Small Business Saturday. Starting in the Highlands, I popped into the flower store VaVaBloom who did my wedding flowers. I grabbed a locally made glass cheese plate for a family member – first person checked off my list! The owner had a few birch buckets, and I all but begged her to sell them, and remnant birch bark to me. She obliged. I’m one happy DIY camper.

Then, I visited Jewelius, fell in love with three sweaters, and left with a scarf for someone on my Christmas list. Next up, I headed over to Cherry Creek North unsure of what I’d find. Nervous about shopping within reason, I was quite surprised to find some great gifts under $50.

Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Candle, $36, is my new favorite and likely the only holiday candle I’ll ever buy again after lighting it tonight. It is perfection. Shop at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc., if you can’t find a local store with these. A Big Sky candle also almost came home with me, but had to resist.

The Nest Fragrance - Birchwood Pint

A book, meticulously wrapped, from Artisan Center, will make its way to a family member overseas. Followed this with a visit to the Hermitage Books, and then on to Division West for some husband gift hunting.

Phew – that’s a wrap! I still visited a number of not-so-small businesses to finish up my holiday shopping. But I’m proud to say I managed to knock out 90% of my Christmas shopping list in just one afternoon. Tomorrow, the decoration begins!


Ralph Lauren Home Inspiration

This past Saturday, after going out for a few cocktails with my husband we came home. He put on an episode the Wire (me: zero interest) so naturally, I was all too happy to pull out a new glossy.

I’ve subscribed to Architectural Digest for years. Frankly, I feel Town and Country presents that certain lifestyle far better, but I enjoy skimming the pages of AD for inspirational things. I realized I typically use the magazine to inspire a once-in-a-blue-moon painting session and I tear out Ralph Lauren Home ads. That’s it.

It has been a while since I found a brand that so closely represents my vision of relaxed, classic perfection in design. What can I say? I’m a fan of classic preppy American style with a dash of English Prep School. And yes, I dream about the NE seashore all the time. The colors of the skies when they mix with the grey waters when a storm is rolling in – that is my perfect.

Anywho. I stumble across an ad for Ralph Lauren Home which catches my eye, as usual, and decide I should capture some of these pictures on Pinterest instead of ripping them out and hoping I reference them when I start designing a house. And then, I note they are on Pinterest and reference it in their ad.

Ever the marketer, I’m excited about this. While I doubt anyone over at Ralph Lauren Home will ever read this post (unless they’re executing social listening and engagement at top-notch level…and care about an occasional writer), I want to thank them for integrating their masterful brand marketing with the digital channels that inspire new consumers with semi-disposable incomes that are planning their first home design.

Cheers to you, Ralph Lauren Home team, for doing what is right in the world of digital marketing. I hope to buy a few cans of Viceroy Blue for my first reading/library room or, realistically, bathroom. Because after all, who has a reading/library room in their first homes.

Ralph Lauren Home Chairs Viceroy Blue Ralph Lauren Home House on the Coast - Ralph Lauren Home Navy Striped Ralph Lauren Home Sofa

Design: Men, Women and Seeing Color

The Smithsonian (yes, I subscribe and I recommend!) published findings from a neuroscientist on perceptions of color and other site-based things. Fascinating if you ask me.

According to the article, “Neuroscientists have discovered that women are better at distinguishing among subtle distinctions in color, while men appear more sensitive to objects moving across their field of vision.” Yellows and green and greens and green-blues, who knew!

Where Men See White, Women See Ecru, The Smithsonian

I swear my boyfriend and I definitely see differences in colors! But he just thinks I’m picky… have you ever noticed that people see colors differently?

Design: Concrete Kitchen Counters

Concrete countertops, be still my heart. They are beautiful. Functional. Clean and, despite being dark grey, they always feels warm to me. Mixing concrete counters with warm woods, salvaged or reusable bamboo. A girl can dream.


French by Design, a blogger who I adore because she writes in French so I can practice reading the language I adore and in English so I can actually read it, shared a few inspiring kitchens this week. My favorite is shared below, but head over to her blog and dig in. Her style is awesome.

Stop by her blog for some inspiration and then head over to her Etsy store to make inspiration a reality.


concrete counters
Kitchen, and especially counter, inspiration from French by Design (via Cote Maison)

Design: Mountain Style


After living here in the Rocky Mountain region for the past nine months, my design tastes have evolved. The mountain’s will do that to you. Dark and masculine, but as warm as the fireplaces that keep your toes warm after a day on the mountains.

The entire portfolio over at High Camp Home has me dreaming of weekends in the mountains, and I love it.


Some other favorites from Pinterest… Continue reading “Design: Mountain Style”