About Me

All you need is loveLove is all around. I’m just here trying to curate what I love about travel, design, style and live.

Originally from Chicago, I now call the front range of the Rocky Mountains home. Denver that is. A small city big enough to have all the culture and museums of the big ones, but without the hustle and bustle. A wonderful existence.

This project is fueled by a serious case of wanderlust, an inability to sit still, and a desire to live for today. You’ll find my dreams (travel-induced), my hopes (through quotes), my passions (all things pretty), and my loves (life, family, friends, color) highlighted alongside curated posts from around the web.

I hope you’ll join me week after week as I explore life, what drives me and where I’m going through this little corner of the internet. Do stop in to say hello when you find yourself with a free minute.

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