One Month In – 2018 Progress Update

Tis the season where resolutions go by the wayside and post-super bowl snack guilt sets in. 

Perfect time to start training hard for my half marathon to keep me honest. Since Jan. 2 (because let’s be honest, Jan. 1 was a hangover with too much fast food and self-loathing), I’ve been eating mindfully, drinking minimally and working out consistently. 

Let me repeat that: I’ve been eating mindfully, drinking minimally and working out consistently. For an entire month. This has never happened before. Sure, I went to Phoenix and ate everything in sight. And yes, I had a couple weekends with girlfriends in town and more fourth meals than I like to claim. 

But all in all, I’ve been crushing my goals and seeing results. Jeans that were tight on Dec. 31 feel great. I’m down more than a couple pounds. Even more if I consider the number on the scale on Jan. 1 at 5pm (but I’m not using that number because a double dose of fast food occurred right beforehand). 

So here I am – Feb. 4. Body is feeling good. Mind is feeling good. A bit frustrated with my discipline on some other goals, but eating is on track and so is working out. A challenge at work has kept me honest and focused on new habits like not checking email the second I wake up and meditating. These small victories are worth celebrating. 

If I can maintain half of this momentum into February and March, I’ll be thrilled! I’ll need to amp up my mileage and continue cross-training to avoid injury this go round with the half marathon. I’ve also given myself a pace goal for the first time. The race is going to be way harder than the last one, so I won’t be bummed if I miss my pace goal. More of something to chase during training than on actual race day. 

January Highlights:

  • Took awkward running selfies to document that I indeed am a runner
  • Visited Leo’s folks in Phoenix (ate my favorite pizza in the world!)
  • Ran in some new places, explored winter running (hate it thus far, trying to be open)
  • Close friends and family visited us in Denver
  • Ended the mouth at Rocky Mountain National Park for a few hours
  • Snuggled with my dog way more than is normal



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