Doing It Right (Hiking 14ers)

A beautiful night under the stars is the best prep for a grueling hike. That’s lesson one on doing it right.

We camped at Twin Lakes before our big hike of the year, Mt. Elbert. We only had a 30-minute drive instead of two (+) hours to get to the trailhead. We were already off to a great start!

We found directions to the trailhead the afternoon before so we knew exactly where we were going. Before we even pitched our tent, we’d found the trailhead. This was another “turning over a new leaf” moment for our hike.
We brought hiking poles! And Audrey brought us compression socks to go under our wool ones. We wore fewer of the right items of clothing. Apparently, this is what happens as you practice and learn in the world of hiking.
We had multiple breakfast items, instead of hoping we’d hit something on the way.  And lukewarm coffee that we’d made the night before. OK, so the lukewarm coffee wasn’t perfect, but it was just the right temperature for drinking!

Our 8th summit together, and this time it went off without a hitch. After last year’s miserable (but amazing, of course) adventure, this was a welcome treat.
That lake down there in the middle is the lake we slept overlooking the night prior.
queen peaks strike again.
Love love love these ladies who inspire me.
beers with friends at the highest point in colorado.
common bonds.


The trail’s incline had our legs begging for mercy, but also allowed plenty of breathers up the mountain. The volume of hikers who joined us a few Saturdays back was perfect, just enough to have a steady banter of positivity with the same group of 20 who we leapfrogged, and who leapfrogged us. We summitted around the same time as a veteran hiking his first 14er. Holding the flag at the top with him…pretty epic. Wish I had any pictures of it!
So many false summits on the way up Mt. Elbert. Just keep going, it’s worth it.
hiking poles and snacks for the win.
Throw in some square dancing on Saturday night after summiting the highest peak in Colorado, and I’d say it was a pretty damn good day.
I’ve written a post after these ladies visit me every year. Here’s some light reading from the archives from year one, year two, and year three. Year four is officially in the books!

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