2015: Year In Review

I sure don’t write here often. Not nearly as much as I wish I did. But still I keep my little corner of the internet alive. My end of year (or start of the year in this case) post recapping the past year is one of my favorites. So here goes nothing.

January: Last year started with some ambitious goals. Running a half marathon. Having more fun. Spending more time with the people I care about and trying out more new things. We started the new year with a bunch of friends visiting us in Denver and a whole lot of music – STS9, Tyler Farr and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. Because all of those bands belong on the same line…  and then our friends Jennie (see girl sitting on Sinclair in Golden) and Olivia came in for a weekend! Little did we know, Olivia would end up moving here a few months later! We also had a few afternoons spent outside with some insanely warm January weather. Life is good in Colorado.


February: I kicked off half marathon training and learned all about pushing my limits and further embracing winter running. We also went up to Aspen and I absolutely fell in love. When STS9 comes to town multiple times in a few months, we end seeing them multiple times. I gripe because it isn’t really my favorite music, but I also am so thankful for that band because it brings our friends together. Also. Aspen is heaven. We hiked on an unseasonably warm day with the girls and took a champagne-filled gondola ride up the mountain. We might be the only people in Aspen in February who don’t ski…

March: One of my favorite months because we get to celebrate Leo’s birthday and it’s our anniversary! We spent Leo’s birthday celebrating with close friends (and a delivery of Little Man ice cream and warm cookies – seriously amazing). We went to our first Nuggets game, which was actually my first pro basketball game! And I was able to grab excellent seats for the Thursday night Garth Brooks show when he came to Denver. One of the best concerts of my life. For our anniversary, we headed up to Estes Park for a romantic weekend away including one of the best meals of the year at Twin Owns Steakhouse and a beautiful hike up to Gem Lake. Leo and I spend a lot of time celebrating our love and enjoying time together, but there’s something so magical about being able to get away for an entire weekend together, just the two of us.


April: In April, I was in full training mode for the half so almost every waking moment was spent eating and running. It’s amazing how much more food I had to eat while I was training to keep my energy up. Alex and I were running 4-5 days per week and usually 2-3 of those runs were done together. Thank goodness for that girl being able to stick to the schedule because I’m not so sure I would’ve done it by myself. The last week of the month we were off to Naples & Ft. Myers for our friends’ wedding. I managed to stick to my training, and enjoyed the miles in the humidity and new scenery. Spending a long weekend on the ocean is a must at least once per year. We ate wonderful seafood, enjoyed spending time with some of our favorite people, drank entirely too much pretending we weren’t all almost 30 and then spent our last day out on a boat exploring (albeit a little hungover). Weekends don’t get much better than that.

May: After all those miles of training, it was time for the big race! I ran the Colorado Half Marathon in Ft. Collins the first weekend of May and loved every second of it. Really need to sign up for another one in 2016! Add in: A little late season snow. Shopping for dinnerware. A visit from an old friend from my PR agency days and a day trip up to Breck? Not a bad May. Maria came into town and we figured a hike at St. Mary’s Glacier was a good idea. What we didn’t realize? There was a chance for blizzard-like conditions up there. Sure enough, we get to the trailhead and there was a whole lot of snow. So we improvised and drove over to Breck for some lunch and beers before heading back to Denver. A trip to the mountains requires flexibility, but it never fails to be wonderful. Our closest friend Olivia finally moved to Colorado from Chicago. WIN!

June: With summer finally kicking off, we enjoyed a really fun event at Marley Coffee here in Denver and a few concerts… Luke Bryan at Sports Authority Field courtesy of work was so fun, especially finally hearing Randy Houser live and seeing Florida Georgia Line! And then Leo’s favorite – D’Angelo. While I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the concert, I was absolutely blown away with his talent. I’d put the D’Angelo show in top 3 concerts of my life… and I wasn’t even a huge fan coming into it!


July: This post about our camping adventures sums up my absolute favorite moments for July. We camped twice at Twin Lakes, Leo bought a new car, we did a bunch of wedding planning stuff and I cooked a lot of great foods and wrapped up the month in Chicago for my brother and his wife’s baby shower. Camping and family. What else could a girl need in life? Maybe just one soccer game? MLS All-Star team vs. Tottenham was awesome.


August: Oh August. Not quite the end of summer, but it always feels like the summer starts winding down. Hardly for us though! The start of the month was all things wedding planning for our October event (vow renewal — but we called it a wedding because it was the whole shebang!). Then, my girlfriends Keebler and Audrey came to visit. Last time they were here, we got into a whole lot of trouble — the best kind! This time was no different, but instead of getting lost on a 14er, we tackled it with confidence and a sparkly guide made by Audrey. White water rafting was another favorite for August, and while I took no GoPro pictures (oops), the memories are still so fresh! We ended the month in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to watch two of our dearest friends Thomas and Ashley tie the knot! And the best part? I BECAME AN AUNT to the most beautiful baby in the world.


September: While I’m sure we did some exciting things this month, I captured just about zero photos… the only one I have is of Olivia and I at Red Rocks for My Morning Jacket (I think). Leo and I enjoyed an evening at the Rockies game with an old friend from college who was in town, and we spent a lot of nights relaxing and saving as much money as possible. At this point in the year, we were just about a month out from the big wedding weekend, so I think all waking moments were spent making decisions about decor. Those are literally the only photos I have!

October: Wedding month! Started with a bachelorette party that was so special. The girls I’ve met here are near and dear to my heart and they wanted to throw me a party because we didn’t get to do one before Leo and I ran off to the courthouse last March. This really deserves it’s own post. But here’s a teaser of a few of my favorite photos from the bachelorette party. And from the champagne party on Thursday night before my wedding. Oh and the rehearsal dinner (which was really just a party because we didn’t do a rehearsal). And from the big day! Yea, this really really needs it’s own post. C’mon Eliza.

And now a teaser from the big day (three months later…)

November: In November, I pulled off an epic surprise by flying down to visit my mom for her birthday without her having any idea. My dad and I timed it so well that I didn’t even have to find a ride out to Cartersville from the airport! I picked up my dad’s truck from an airport lot because he was traveling for work. I called her when I landed and said, “Hi, I’m in Atlanta.” And my mom started bawling she was so excited. And then I cried. SUCCESS! I took exactly two pictures while I was there. One of new purses. One of my pups. The good life. Leo and I went up to Breck for my book club (he hung out with the other girls’ significant others), and then I got to do some awesome events for work (one and two)! We wrapped the month in Kansas City for Thanksgiving.

December: We took a weekend up in Aspen and celebrated life with some great friends. (Cheers to our friend Phoebe for launching Messenger Aspen!) The food in that town… incredible. Throw in a Nuggets game for Christmas (and I made Leo take a selfie…and promised I wouldn’t share it). Then the holidays came and went so quickly! We spent Christmas about two hours south of Denver in Pueblo with Leo’s family. And then had a quiet night in for New Years. It all comes full circle. And what an amazing circle 2015 was!

Life is precious. Enjoy it. That’s what I did in 2015, and what I plan to do in the year ahead. If you survived this majorly long post, I want to hear it! What was your favorite memory in 2015?


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