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Say hello across the world, the street, the internet:


Who is this NewNukem character? It’s the name I use for most things online. A quirky mix of phonetic spellings of my family’s name and a video game reference. Want more? Just ask: newnukem {at} gmail {dot} com

4 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. I just left you a note on the Southern Weddings blog… not sure if i did it correctly ; ). We ordered the cake topper from an etsy shop called “firstsnowfall”. If you cant find it let me know and I will dig a little deeper for the exact address. Cindy Clark, mother of the bride,


      1. P.S. The little bride and groom that are centered with the cake topper was separate. Augusta was given a cupcake kit when she became engaged and it had 24 little brides and grooms as cupcake toppers. The bride was a redhead….same as Augusta : )…. So we used those around the cake area and a set of them ended up on top of the brides cake along with the banner cake topper from the easy site…..

        Didn’t want you to think it all came together : )


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