Setting Intentions This November

Ahh, November first. You hit us in Denver with beautiful weather and even better leaves falling everywhere. Last night’s candy is still fresh in my mind and the smoke from a fire at our friend’s Halloween party still hangs in my hair while I crank up the crock-pot for a Chicken Pot Pie dinner. Love this time of the year.

The coming two months will blow by as they always do and 2016 will be here. But today, I want to set some intentions coming into this holiday season to ensure I enjoy it, take it all in, and not feel like I got spit out on Jan. 3 by some evil holiday creature. Working in marketing for a retail company means there are big weeks coming up, certainly potential for a few long days, but I’m not worried about those. So long as I can keep a positive outlook and be mindful of the following, well, I think I’ll come out all right.

House: I say this probably ten times each year. And twelve times in November/December. I will be more organized at home, including putting things away when I use them and staying on top of stuff like laundry and magazine piles. My mood is always better when my house is in order, so this is a top priority. Much of today was spent cleaning my cabinets and doing laundry. Add in there some existing post-vow renewal clutter removal, and I feel good about my Sunday. Need to keep this going each Sunday for the remaining months of the year.

Food: When I cook, I smile. When I make something Leo loves, I smile. When I absolutely butcher a recipe, I smile. There’s a theme here. Food, namely cooking it, makes me smile. More smiling means more cooking. I also am more mindful of what I put in my body when I make it myself. So more of this, for sure.

Sugar: I’ve been a straight fiend for the white stuff this past month. Rarely do I put restrictions on any one food, but it’s gotten out of control. So, for November, I’m going to cut back drastically on my sweets consumption. Tootsie rolls to brownies to the holiday cookies that will be in the office in the next few weeks – this one is going to be tough. But my mom’s doing it with me for health reasons, so here’s to motivation and teamwork! Thanksgiving (pie included, and delicious sweet potatoes with marshmallows) will be a pleasant treat that I will be indulging in. But getting a grasp on my sweets habit is going to be a key focus for the month.

Shopping: Tis the season!! Oh my favorite season to shop for my family, my Leo, myself. “Only buy what you love” is a quote I’ve been thinking a lot about as of late. We have so much, and we’re moving in the next two months, so more stuff is not necessary. For November, I’m putting a one-in-one-out policy on top of only buying what I love. If I buy something, I’ll be donating something. Hell, I’ll donate two things for every one thing I bring home. Let’s do this.

Christmas Cards: We’re still cranking through thank you notes to everyone that joined us two weeks ago for our vow renewal (ahem, wedding) party. So it is extremely ambitious to consider doing Christmas cards as well this month. However, if I turn 30 without ever doing Christmas cards…oh that’s just embarrassing.

Writing: I’ve been working on a project (a few actually) that involve some solid writing time. And focus. Focus can be tough to come across for me, especially with so many glorious distractions that I have to pass the time. But this November, my goal is to get through 25,000 more words in these projects. That’ll put me around halfway through one of my projects, and I’ll be pumped to get there.

So, those are my November intentions. Here goes! What are some things that you’re trying be mindful coming into the wild holiday months?


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