Fall Fashion Refresh

Fall Brunch Outfit

PSLs are back on the menu, thus the unofficial kickoff of fall, right? Really, in my house, the first NFL week signals the fall, and the start cooking season. More on that to come…

It also means finding a way to wear the perfect floppy black hat that my always-the-most-stylish-friend Olivia gave me for my birthday in July. I own most of the other items here from Gap due to a major pre-fall spree during their sales last month. And I found the perfect black bootie at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago (still available).

The accessories – especially that purse – are not yet mine. Maybe one day. Or I’ll find a similar style and make it work! I’m heading to Vail for Octoberfest and this outfit will be packed along. Perfect for a chilly evening or brunch in the village before it warms up for the day. Cheers to 90 degree days in Denver where we dream about fall… ahem, today.



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