DetOxtober and a reading list

There is something about the fall where I get antsy, I want to make life changes, I want to evolve into the person I want to be. I want to go back to school, or at least learning. I’ve always figured it was the changing of the season which lead to my introspective ways this time of year. It could also be because the fall reminds me of school, education, growth, chasing dreams. As the days get shorter and our calendar less busy, I revel in a slower pace that comes with the fall.

Two years ago I started a new job and visited Leo in Mexico City. Last year, Leo and I celebrated our wedding with all of our closest friends and family. This time of year holds a special place in my heart. This year, I’m getting into the swing of another new job. I also find myself craving a detox after the months of summer fun, eating out, drinking with friends, concerts.

In 2016, I’m planning a detox-October, or detoxtober. It would make such a perfect hashtag wouldn’t it? I’d use is on all the glorious photos I could share on Instagram about me cooking, being healthier, maybe working out or hiking. Reading books with perfectly posed coffee. Oversized sweaters, scarves and skinny jeans with my favorite booties. The beautiful changing leaves. A bonfire in my most worn-in hoodie. But instead of sharing my moments on Instagram, and trying to present the ideal fall lifestyle, I’m aiming to enjoy every moment and be sensitive to all my senses.

I’m planning to spend the month off of social media (as much as I can considering my job is pretty tied into social media). Last week, I deleted all the apps from my phone. I’m not saying I’ll be entirely off of them, and I might still share some stuff out as I use Instagram almost as a visual diary of my favorite memories, but I don’t want to spend my quiet moments thumbing through feeds. I want to spend my quiet moments reading and writing. Laughing with Leo. Playing with my pup. Smiling at someone in line instead of looking down at my newsfeed. Trying something new because the spirit moved me not because it would be a perfect social media moment. Stretching. Breathing. Enjoying the world around me.
I read once on Quora that by carrying a book with you, you’ll find free moments to read throughout the day which will help you read more. I’m always trying to read more because it makes me smile, it inspires me, it helps me approach things with new perspective. So, I’ll carry a book with me and instead of putting my nose into my phone, I’ll have my nose into a book.

So, here are my two initial reading picks – Sweetbitter and Little Bee. I have grand ambitions of sharing my thoughts on some of the books I read this summer. We’ll see if it happens. If it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to be bummed. I’m just going to keep living and celebrating and not adding self-imposed disappointment into life.

I love this time of year. Time to saddle up and change some habits, get into a new routine and treat my body, my mind, my home, my relationship with all the care and love that I have to give.

What kind of habits are you planning to reset this fall?


Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you buy a book from those links, I get a little kickback. I can’t recommend them as I haven’t read them yet. But I’ll let you know!

Fall Fashion Refresh

Fall Brunch Outfit

PSLs are back on the menu, thus the unofficial kickoff of fall, right? Really, in my house, the first NFL week signals the fall, and the start cooking season. More on that to come…

It also means finding a way to wear the perfect floppy black hat that my always-the-most-stylish-friend Olivia gave me for my birthday in July. I own most of the other items here from Gap due to a major pre-fall spree during their sales last month. And I found the perfect black bootie at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago (still available).

The accessories – especially that purse – are not yet mine. Maybe one day. Or I’ll find a similar style and make it work! I’m heading to Vail for Octoberfest and this outfit will be packed along. Perfect for a chilly evening or brunch in the village before it warms up for the day. Cheers to 90 degree days in Denver where we dream about fall… ahem, today.


Travel: New York in the Fall

Does it get prettier than this?
Does it get prettier than this?

Leo’s company invited us to a West Point football game in New York a few weeks back and we stayed in Manhattan at the Omni Berkshire. I’d always thought that I wouldn’t like NYC because I don’t love big cities after living in Chicago for 7 years, but I was mistaken. I adored New York City. Everything about it had me dreaming of moving there right away.

After meeting Leo outside of the city when I flew on Thursday night, we took an early morning cab into Manhattan. Coming into the city, I had the same butterflies I have when I see the skyline in Chicago. A curious excitement. As we drove, I couldn’t take my eyes off all the little shops, the traffic, the people, the clothes, the energy of such a huge city. Hour 1 in NYC = hooked.

After checking into the gorgeous hotel, we only had a few hours before we had to start getting ready for dinner with the company. Never the one to shy away from touristy things, we hopped on a bus to drive around and see as much as humanly possible in three hours. It rained a ton, but there we sat on the top of an outdoor double-decker bus and took everything in. Seeing the neighborhoods fly by just made me more excited for my next trip! We will be exploring a few select neighborhoods next time instead of trying to see everything.

Look up. Always look up.
Look up. Always look up.

We had dinner at Carmine’s, and then grabbed drinks at the hotel before calling it a night. Had to be up early the next morning for some football! We drove out to West Point on a coach bus with Leo’s company and napped most of the ride up, but the view we woke up to was incredible. That campus is a stunner. The game was great, hanging out with Leo’s company and meeting all the folks I’ve heard so much about was great. Everything was great!

West Point's campus in the fall is a picture of perfection.
West Point’s campus in the fall is a picture of perfection.
We cheered loudly for the West Point team, such a great east coast college experience.
We cheered loudly for the West Point team, such a great east coast college experience.

photo 21

Docks on the river.
Docks on the river.
Really, this place is incredible.
Really, this place is incredible.
The colors of the fall in the hills of New York would make any summer baby fall in love.
The colors of the fall in the hills of New York would make any summer baby fall in love.
❤ this picture – bummed it is a bit blurry!
The train station on campus with some of the incredible fortress-like buildings in view.
The train station on campus with some of the incredible fortress-like buildings in view.
A little pre-game tailgating in a tent on the water.
A little pre-game tailgating in a tent on the water.

I can’t wait until our next trip to NYC, which I imagine will be upon us in the next year. We spent Saturday night on the lower east side, and then headed back that way for Sunday brunch before I hopped on a plane home. Leo had a few more days of work in Connecticut, which gave me plenty to time to dream about living in that glorious city before we settle down. I’ll be back soon, NYC, and missing you until that time!

Lower east side breakfast: gruyere, egg and spinach skillet, perfect bloody mary, and bacon.
Lower east side breakfast: gruyere, egg and spinach skillet, perfect bloody mary, and bacon.
Freeman's - the cutest restaurant in a perfect little alley. Lower east side.
Freeman’s – the cutest restaurant in a perfect little alley. Lower east side.

Mani(cure) Monday: Metallic fall ombre

After seeing metallic ombre nails all over Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try but found myself lacking the colors. Due to a self-imposed nail polish purchasing ban, I had to improvise. I used OPIs Warm and Fozzie, Glitzerland and Kyoto Pearl with China Glaze I’m Not Lion over it. 


I used Essie No Chips Ahead as the top coat, but have quickly decided this is not a good topcoat. Sure, it doesn’t chip, but I get bubbles in my nails whenever I use it! Learning toward OPI RapidDry Topcoat as my top pick. 


I think it came out pretty solid, what about you? What’s your favorite must-try fall fashion trend?

Mani(cure) Monday: Halloween nails

As the leaves change and the air gets chillier, I’ve been thinking about Halloween costumes to no avail. Suppose I’ll just stick to holiday-themed manicures like this one!


Oh fall nails, how I love thee. Also, Sunday football is the greatest time to do nail art because each coat can dry fully before the next. This stuff takes patience people, patience. And now to figure out my halloween costume…

What are you going to be for Halloween? 

A list for the next four months of life

Something about August makes me daydream like crazy. I posted about it yesterday, and I’m going to go ahead and post about daydreaming today. I am absolutely thrilled that in a few months there will be snow on the ground. Even better? We get to savor fall before the pretty glitter falls from the sky. Clearly, I’m so excited I can barely stand it. 

Alright, so here’s what I’m most excited about:


  • Hot apple cider
  • Sweat pants (don’t judge, I live in them in the fall)
  • Scarves
  • Football (college and NFL)
  • Boots, yep, even boots witht the furrrr
  • Changing leaves
  • Watching rugby matches (Leo just joined a team, can’t wait to support!)
  • This list could go on for hours…


  • SNOW!
  • Holiday lights
  • SNOW. 
  • Snow. 
  • Freaking snow. 
  • Glitter falling from the sky! SNOW.



How pretty is that?!