Mani(cure) Monday: Metallic fall ombre

After seeing metallic ombre nails all over Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try but found myself lacking the colors. Due to a self-imposed nail polish purchasing ban, I had to improvise. I used OPIs Warm and Fozzie, Glitzerland and Kyoto Pearl with China Glaze I’m Not Lion over it. 


I used Essie No Chips Ahead as the top coat, but have quickly decided this is not a good topcoat. Sure, it doesn’t chip, but I get bubbles in my nails whenever I use it! Learning toward OPI RapidDry Topcoat as my top pick. 


I think it came out pretty solid, what about you? What’s your favorite must-try fall fashion trend?

Mani(cure) Monday: Halloween nails

As the leaves change and the air gets chillier, I’ve been thinking about Halloween costumes to no avail. Suppose I’ll just stick to holiday-themed manicures like this one!


Oh fall nails, how I love thee. Also, Sunday football is the greatest time to do nail art because each coat can dry fully before the next. This stuff takes patience people, patience. And now to figure out my halloween costume…

What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Mani(cure) Monday & Wanderlust: White Sand Beaches

After a very long hiatus from my silly hobby of painting my nails and putting them up here…I’m back! I love nail polish and traveling. Combining the two today. A manicure inspired by Caribbean white sand beaches and turquoise waters. I’ve never been, but its on the travel bucket list.

Pretty pictures of where I’d love to go:

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest


The manicure that’s going to keep me dreaming about the beach all week and leading into my California vacation:



Essie: Turquoise and Caicos

OPI: Skull and Glossboness

Topcoat: Essie, No Chips Aheads

Source: via Colette on Pinterest



Manic(ure) Monday: Pink Flamenco and Girl Power

On Saturday, I had a big night planned so I wanted something fun on my fingers. 


Pink Flamenco from OPIs Espana collection is a great pink with no shimmer. Perfect for some glitter accents! Because I was feeling especially girly and obnoxious, I wanted to something with personality! Miss Piggy and Nicki Minaj? Oh yea. First coat of glitter was from OPI The Muppet (color: Rainbow Connection). Second coat was OPI Nicki Minaj (color: Save Me).

Results? Obnoxious hot pink nails with multi-dimensional glitter. Just like my Saturday Night!

Also, I pinned this photo from the Pinterest iPhone app just to see how it worked and all of my Pinterest dreams came true – I had tons of repins and Loves. HOLY SHIT, I’m that girl. I kid, but seriously I was embarassingly happy about it. Don’t judge.


Off to SXSW for the week – next week’s Manic(ure) Monday will happen on Wednesday or whenever I recover. 

❤ Eliza

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Manic(ure) Monday: Steady as she Rose

Two shots of color inspiration for this week’s edition of Manic(ure) Monday. 

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Steady as She Rose by OPI – Pirates of the Caribbean with an accent nail (aka the most obnoxious form of rebelling the is allowed in my super conservative life) in Show it and Glow it. Hard to see the color because it is to pale, but I adore it.


Manic(ure) Monday: Skull & Crossbones & A Mouse

Happy MLK Day! I had a great day off and ended the night with a big steak dinner, wine and my second manicure in past three days. Friday, I attempted a Hello Kitty manicute, ooops, I mean manicure similar to the one below from Pinterest, but couldn’t get those damn whiskers figured out. So, I went with a pale pink and an obnoxious hot pink and pearl striped ring finger. Totally hideous. 

Round two manicure for the week was inspired by the color of my mouse button. Same color! It is OPI Skull & Crossbones from the Pirates of the Caribbean line which has some great soft colors. This one is much lighter than  last week’s grey and glitter nail polish. Here’s to a light and happy week with a limited number of grey days!