Manic(ure) Monday: Skull & Crossbones & A Mouse

Happy MLK Day! I had a great day off and ended the night with a big steak dinner, wine and my second manicure in past three days. Friday, I attempted a Hello Kitty manicute, ooops, I mean manicure similar to the one below from Pinterest, but couldn’t get those damn whiskers figured out. So, I went with a pale pink and an obnoxious hot pink and pearl striped ring finger. Totally hideous. 

Round two manicure for the week was inspired by the color of my mouse button. Same color! It is OPI Skull & Crossbones from the Pirates of the Caribbean line which has some great soft colors. This one is much lighter than  last week’s grey and glitter nail polish. Here’s to a light and happy week with a limited number of grey days!



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