My favorite day of the year (haters beware)

First real snow of the winter. It is the quietest you’ll ever hear the city. Go for a walk, take it all in, and enjoy the pretty white stuff. It’s one of natures greatest treats, a fresh snow blanket!

Great time to pull out your favorite sweater, snuggle up and enjoy the rosy cheeks! Haters are welcome in my winter wonderland, they’ll come around one day.


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2 thoughts on “My favorite day of the year (haters beware)

  1. I am so there with you…:) Good to see you enjoying yourself…I love driving in the snow watching it come down…in the city, walking in it would be even better…


  2. Ellen! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment. It is totally great to walk around in it and enjoy how perfectly quiet the city is. Hope all is well!


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