Design: Concrete Kitchen Counters

Concrete countertops, be still my heart. They are beautiful. Functional. Clean and, despite being dark grey, they always feels warm to me. Mixing concrete counters with warm woods, salvaged or reusable bamboo. A girl can dream.


French by Design, a blogger who I adore because she writes in French so I can practice reading the language I adore and in English so I can actually read it, shared a few inspiring kitchens this week. My favorite is shared below, but head over to her blog and dig in. Her style is awesome.

Stop by her blog for some inspiration and then head over to her Etsy store to make inspiration a reality.


concrete counters
Kitchen, and especially counter, inspiration from French by Design (via Cote Maison)

Design: Mountain Style


After living here in the Rocky Mountain region for the past nine months, my design tastes have evolved. The mountain’s will do that to you. Dark and masculine, but as warm as the fireplaces that keep your toes warm after a day on the mountains.

The entire portfolio over at High Camp Home has me dreaming of weekends in the mountains, and I love it.


Some other favorites from Pinterest… Continue reading “Design: Mountain Style”