Design: Men, Women and Seeing Color

The Smithsonian (yes, I subscribe and I recommend!) published findings from a neuroscientist on perceptions of color and other site-based things. Fascinating if you ask me.

According to the article, “Neuroscientists have discovered that women are better at distinguishing among subtle distinctions in color, while men appear more sensitive to objects moving across their field of vision.” Yellows and green and greens and green-blues, who knew!

Where Men See White, Women See Ecru, The Smithsonian

I swear my boyfriend and I definitely see differences in colors! But he just thinks I’m picky… have you ever noticed that people see colors differently?

Design: Concrete Kitchen Counters

Concrete countertops, be still my heart. They are beautiful. Functional. Clean and, despite being dark grey, they always feels warm to me. Mixing concrete counters with warm woods, salvaged or reusable bamboo. A girl can dream.


French by Design, a blogger who I adore because she writes in French so I can practice reading the language I adore and in English so I can actually read it, shared a few inspiring kitchens this week. My favorite is shared below, but head over to her blog and dig in. Her style is awesome.

Stop by her blog for some inspiration and then head over to her Etsy store to make inspiration a reality.


concrete counters
Kitchen, and especially counter, inspiration from French by Design (via Cote Maison)

Meet the bathroom, Part 2

Accessories are so fun! There is only one big purchase that I’m considering for the bathroom which I talked about the other day – a cabinet. Now for the fun stuff, accessories to make this room pretty. 

I’m obsessed with glass jars, vases, anything. I Pin them whenever I see them! Look through my style pinboard and you’ll see lots of mason jars. As I begin to make my new apartment home, there’s some glass I’d like to purchase and most of it will work as organization. Check out these ideas – and the links to the DIY or purchasing place.

Chez Beeper Bebe: How to Make Mason Jar Lantern 


Thrifty and Chic: Hanging Mason Jars


Hanging Canning Jar Storage Solution – might not need this if I have the canisters below, but it is an expensive storage solution.


Love these from Crate and Barrel but I will have to find a less expensive solution. Stay tuned…


Lastly, I want to hang this close to the mirror because it is so important to remember this every day. Sold out, but it was from Etsy designer Nickagin, and I’m sure I’ll be able to find another one, or contact the designer. 


When you first move in, do you start designing the big rooms, or the small ones?


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Meet the Bathroom, Part 1

Oh bathrooms – how I love to dream about what you could look like! But with only a day and a strict budget, I had to improvise. My mom had been holding on to some bathroom stuff for me, and she was my lifesaver! Essentially, she sent me a bathroom-in-a-box for lack of a better term. She’s a total champ. So, here is where the bathroom stands:



Note that nice rosy glow behind the shower curtain? I forgot to get a liner, but Leo bought a bright shower curtain to get by for a few days. Put the bright red and orange together behind a soft white linen shower curtain? Just like a mullet, business in the front, party in the back. So, here we have a white and blue bathroom, but we need more – storage, style and something on those big white walls. There are lots of things I’m thinking about purchasing in the near future. I wish I could build some cabinets in myself, but living in an apartment means nothing can be permanent. Oh well! 

The bathroom has pretty tall ceilings, but everything is very grounded and white. I don’t love unfinished wood around the door that is peaking out in that top photo, but I’m going to ask the landlord if I can paint them. Just need to pick a color!  Secondly, I’d like to purchase an above the toilet space saver – because under the vanity is best for cleaning supplies, not cotton that will touch my precious face. Kidding? No. 

White Bathroom Space Saver, $107 – pretty, but a bit too country.


Fairview Space Saver, $250 – pretty, but way too expensive.



Greek Key Space Saver Cabinet, $100 – pretty and perfect! Just so happens to be the best price, love it when that happens!


I’m leaning towards the Greek Key pattern, love that pattern and thinking I could bring it in even more with some art on the wall. 

Do you like above the toilet cabinets? Which one do you like best?


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