Meet the bathroom, Part 2

Accessories are so fun! There is only one big purchase that I’m considering for the bathroom which I talked about the other day – a cabinet. Now for the fun stuff, accessories to make this room pretty. 

I’m obsessed with glass jars, vases, anything. I Pin them whenever I see them! Look through my style pinboard and you’ll see lots of mason jars. As I begin to make my new apartment home, there’s some glass I’d like to purchase and most of it will work as organization. Check out these ideas – and the links to the DIY or purchasing place.

Chez Beeper Bebe: How to Make Mason Jar Lantern 


Thrifty and Chic: Hanging Mason Jars


Hanging Canning Jar Storage Solution – might not need this if I have the canisters below, but it is an expensive storage solution.


Love these from Crate and Barrel but I will have to find a less expensive solution. Stay tuned…


Lastly, I want to hang this close to the mirror because it is so important to remember this every day. Sold out, but it was from Etsy designer Nickagin, and I’m sure I’ll be able to find another one, or contact the designer. 


When you first move in, do you start designing the big rooms, or the small ones?


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