Small Business Saturday Redux

With Leo out of town this weekend, I decided to tackle Christmas. I’m aiming for a silver, gold, white and hints of red in my decor. With a bit of a rustic touch. Being up in Aspen a few weeks ago inspired me!


Friday started with a trip to Goodwill to buy Christmas items which were then all painted a matching matte white. I wanted to find an vintage/rustic Santa, a few tall vases and candleholders. I found all of those items and then some! Some (ahem, husband) would argue I needed none of this stuff, but we are in a new, larger house than ever before, and I wanted to spruce up my holiday decor. Supremely successful.

Then, on Saturday, I participated in my own little Small Business Saturday. Starting in the Highlands, I popped into the flower store VaVaBloom who did my wedding flowers. I grabbed a locally made glass cheese plate for a family member – first person checked off my list! The owner had a few birch buckets, and I all but begged her to sell them, and remnant birch bark to me. She obliged. I’m one happy DIY camper.

Then, I visited Jewelius, fell in love with three sweaters, and left with a scarf for someone on my Christmas list. Next up, I headed over to Cherry Creek North unsure of what I’d find. Nervous about shopping within reason, I was quite surprised to find some great gifts under $50.

Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Candle, $36, is my new favorite and likely the only holiday candle I’ll ever buy again after lighting it tonight. It is perfection. Shop at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc., if you can’t find a local store with these. A Big Sky candle also almost came home with me, but had to resist.

The Nest Fragrance - Birchwood Pint

A book, meticulously wrapped, from Artisan Center, will make its way to a family member overseas. Followed this with a visit to the Hermitage Books, and then on to Division West for some husband gift hunting.

Phew – that’s a wrap! I still visited a number of not-so-small businesses to finish up my holiday shopping. But I’m proud to say I managed to knock out 90% of my Christmas shopping list in just one afternoon. Tomorrow, the decoration begins!

A world away


Two weeks ago we went up into the mountains which I already recapped, but I wanted to share a few more shots. The first one was snapped from the car as we drove out of the city. Imagine if only I used a real camera… You’ll note the traffic (not anything compared to Chicago, though)! We’d heard about this phenomena when we got here – folks leave the city to go into the mountains on the weekends. Less than two hours and you are a world away from work, stress and the city. This is why I moved here. 

So, on Friday night, we saw tons of folks driving up into the mountains inspiring various recreational activities with all the trailers, bikes and boats we saw behind SUVs. Funny thing is, people here with SUVs actually use them for SUV-esque activities. Who knew?


Also wanted to shares these shots of Leo and I because they make me laugh! Love the final resulting photo, but sorta love the laughs that led to it. Love this kid and love getting away from it all with him and our friends here! Neon is also a fave for sunburns. Looks good and cotton feels great against the skin. 

What’s your favorite way to escape? 

20-something care package


My lovely mom sent me some goodies on Wednesday. They totally made my week! Included: 

  • Canvas purse with faux ostrich leather, perfect for carrying a book, some sunscreen, a water bottle…or wine…to a park. Already used it to go out this week! In Denver, it gets crazy cool at night, so I always need a sweater. Big purses are put to good use here!
  • Sports bra and cotton shorts, perfect for lounging around the house during 100 degree heat waves. FYI: 100* with no humidity > 80 with 80% percent humidity. Don’t miss that part of Chicago.
  • Cotton dress, perfect for a summer BBQ.
  • Cotton loose fitting tank, ideal for summer nights at a bar with a sunny patio.

Last night we went to a local spot, the Fainting Goat, which I’ve heard raves about since we got here, but I’ve never made it. Our guy friends go there for happy hours weekly and I’m going to make it priority to make it to them after seeing this place. The patio is on the top of the three story bar and is gorgeous and allows attendees to enjoy the sunset over the mountains. White shorts with the light top hit the spot for each of the 100 degrees we were enjoying.

Huge thanks to my mom for keeping me stylish and in tough with the light cotton hippie wears. She’s the best and I can’t wait to see her next week in Georgia!

What’s in your ideal 20-something care package?

Super girly Saturday recap

Well, what the heck else is a girl supposed to do when her boyfriend is out of town?? On Saturday, my friend Heather invited me to the mall at Cherry Creek. This is a damn nice mall, and is a pure luxury to shop out. The nicest sales stuff exists at every store! Coming from Chicago, this is pure joy. Shopping is a completely enjoyable experience, which in my experience was not the case In Chicago. Only two purchases for me: new unmentionables from VS – love the PINK collection lace side ones, no panty lines, 5 for $26, and fun colors! I’m disappointed that they only had these in The PINK collection though…sometimes nude is necessary, but I love the cut so no nude, only neon.


And makeup brush cleaner! I didn’t even know this was a thing, but thanks to my instagram stream, I learned that your are supposed to wash these little things. Yup – had no idea. But washing them was so fun and afterwards my makeup applied way smoother than before. Could’ve been in my head? Whatever for $12 spent, I felt better. That’s a win. I bought the shampoo and daily brush cleaner which will last ages considering I only wear makeup on the weekends.


That brings me to my next new item. While not purchased this week, I finally opened up my new mascara – Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara. The name is deceiving as my lashes weren’t doubled but this is a good night mascara. I typically prefer really fluffy, natural looking lashes, but this separates and makes ’em stand out. But, you look like you have mascara on with it. Full and Soft is my preferred mascara, but for the time being, I’m going to enjoy my vampy lashes.


Last new item of the week, which rounded out my girly Saturday festivities was Essie’s No Chips Ahead. A great clear coat – blows the drugstore brands out the water. I suppose Essie now is a drugstore brand as you can purchase it at Walgreens and CVS now? Wo cares, all that matters is that this is a capable top coat. Day two on the mani and it looks crisp, shiny and no chips! That name isn’t lying.


We rounded out the Saturday night with a bottle of wine, board games, cheesy movies and some pizza. What do you indulge in for the ultimate girly weekend?

Snow Patrol, no excuses


Snow Patrol at the Fillmore in Denver!


So how’d I get here? Heather – on the right – is a girlfriend I’ve made in Denver and on Friday around lunch, she asked if I wanted to go to a concert. Between my dislike of concerts and my strapped budget, I almost said no. also, Leo’s out of town so I’ve been holed up without my best friend and I was a but bummed and didn’t necessarily want to go out.

Then, I prioritized – I dislike concerts because I got really sick at the last one I went to. That is ONE concert, I had zero alcohol, and might have eaten bad food right before. That scenario is not an excuse. My budget is tight, but the tickets were free and we went to happy hour beforehand so we didn’t drink much at the concert. Again, budget? Not an excuse. Leo being gone was more of an excuse to go – I’m trying new things and independently! Obviously, we went, had an amazing time, I loved the band and had some great bonding time with two new friends. Success.