Super girly Saturday recap

Well, what the heck else is a girl supposed to do when her boyfriend is out of town?? On Saturday, my friend Heather invited me to the mall at Cherry Creek. This is a damn nice mall, and is a pure luxury to shop out. The nicest sales stuff exists at every store! Coming from Chicago, this is pure joy. Shopping is a completely enjoyable experience, which in my experience was not the case In Chicago. Only two purchases for me: new unmentionables from VS – love the PINK collection lace side ones, no panty lines, 5 for $26, and fun colors! I’m disappointed that they only had these in The PINK collection though…sometimes nude is necessary, but I love the cut so no nude, only neon.


And makeup brush cleaner! I didn’t even know this was a thing, but thanks to my instagram stream, I learned that your are supposed to wash these little things. Yup – had no idea. But washing them was so fun and afterwards my makeup applied way smoother than before. Could’ve been in my head? Whatever for $12 spent, I felt better. That’s a win. I bought the shampoo and daily brush cleaner which will last ages considering I only wear makeup on the weekends.


That brings me to my next new item. While not purchased this week, I finally opened up my new mascara – Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara. The name is deceiving as my lashes weren’t doubled but this is a good night mascara. I typically prefer really fluffy, natural looking lashes, but this separates and makes ’em stand out. But, you look like you have mascara on with it. Full and Soft is my preferred mascara, but for the time being, I’m going to enjoy my vampy lashes.


Last new item of the week, which rounded out my girly Saturday festivities was Essie’s No Chips Ahead. A great clear coat – blows the drugstore brands out the water. I suppose Essie now is a drugstore brand as you can purchase it at Walgreens and CVS now? Wo cares, all that matters is that this is a capable top coat. Day two on the mani and it looks crisp, shiny and no chips! That name isn’t lying.


We rounded out the Saturday night with a bottle of wine, board games, cheesy movies and some pizza. What do you indulge in for the ultimate girly weekend?

Book Club: MWF Seeking BFF


{pic from the author’s website, go buy the book so she won’t get mad at me for stealing images!}

Book Club Score: we didn’t give scores this month as the author was in the house, but we all went around and talked about sections of the book that every one connected with.
My Score: N/A – see below.

Book club this month had a special twist – the author of our selection joined us! Rachel Bertsche was an absolute doll, a ball of friendly and funny energy, and she clicked immediately with our book club. We were thrilled to have her and our conversation about the book was all the more interesting because she shared what other books clubs thought as well. Having her there was like a crowd-sourced answer session with girls all over Chicago.


I should note that I didn’t read the book yet as I was nervous it would make some big life changes more scary. More on that to come, but I’m thrilled to pick the book up after every single girl in my book club said, “You have to read this book. It’ll make any situation with girls and new friends easier.”

As a twenty-something author, all of us were in awe of her humility despite having written a book! Especially in the digital age, that a freaking BFD. Big Effing Deal. I think we were all surprised that we’d each experienced things similar to what was in the book and struggled with the same challenges – finding our post-college tribe of friends. 

Go buy the book – MWF Seeking Bff – read for your book club and laugh with girl friends, new and old. Then say hi to the author on her blog, Twitter or in person at book events all over Chicago and other cities. 

Have you read the book? Did you struggle with finding girl friends and navigate a similar landscape as Rachel does in her book? Leave a comment, I’m fascinated to hear other girls’ perspectives!



Sundays in January

Personal growth book and fresh flowers – what else are Sundays in the first month of the new year for??


There’s a ton going on, but I love to spend the first month of the year assessing the various aspects of my life that I can improve. That sets the stage for the months and the year ahead. I find it to be more successful than starting the new year with intense resolutions. More on that this week if I can find time. After all – the shortest month of the year is the beat bet for to make big changes because success happens in 29 days instead of 30. Ha!

Hope y’all are having some luck in tackling self-reflection and resolutions!