A world away


Two weeks ago we went up into the mountains which I already recapped, but I wanted to share a few more shots. The first one was snapped from the car as we drove out of the city. Imagine if only I used a real camera… You’ll note the traffic (not anything compared to Chicago, though)! We’d heard about this phenomena when we got here – folks leave the city to go into the mountains on the weekends. Less than two hours and you are a world away from work, stress and the city. This is why I moved here. 

So, on Friday night, we saw tons of folks driving up into the mountains inspiring various recreational activities with all the trailers, bikes and boats we saw behind SUVs. Funny thing is, people here with SUVs actually use them for SUV-esque activities. Who knew?


Also wanted to shares these shots of Leo and I because they make me laugh! Love the final resulting photo, but sorta love the laughs that led to it. Love this kid and love getting away from it all with him and our friends here! Neon is also a fave for sunburns. Looks good and cotton feels great against the skin. 

What’s your favorite way to escape? 


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