Snow Patrol, no excuses


Snow Patrol at the Fillmore in Denver!


So how’d I get here? Heather – on the right – is a girlfriend I’ve made in Denver and on Friday around lunch, she asked if I wanted to go to a concert. Between my dislike of concerts and my strapped budget, I almost said no. also, Leo’s out of town so I’ve been holed up without my best friend and I was a but bummed and didn’t necessarily want to go out.

Then, I prioritized – I dislike concerts because I got really sick at the last one I went to. That is ONE concert, I had zero alcohol, and might have eaten bad food right before. That scenario is not an excuse. My budget is tight, but the tickets were free and we went to happy hour beforehand so we didn’t drink much at the concert. Again, budget? Not an excuse. Leo being gone was more of an excuse to go – I’m trying new things and independently! Obviously, we went, had an amazing time, I loved the band and had some great bonding time with two new friends. Success.


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