Small Business Saturday Redux

With Leo out of town this weekend, I decided to tackle Christmas. I’m aiming for a silver, gold, white and hints of red in my decor. With a bit of a rustic touch. Being up in Aspen a few weeks ago inspired me!


Friday started with a trip to Goodwill to buy Christmas items which were then all painted a matching matte white. I wanted to find an vintage/rustic Santa, a few tall vases and candleholders. I found all of those items and then some! Some (ahem, husband) would argue I needed none of this stuff, but we are in a new, larger house than ever before, and I wanted to spruce up my holiday decor. Supremely successful.

Then, on Saturday, I participated in my own little Small Business Saturday. Starting in the Highlands, I popped into the flower store VaVaBloom who did my wedding flowers. I grabbed a locally made glass cheese plate for a family member – first person checked off my list! The owner had a few birch buckets, and I all but begged her to sell them, and remnant birch bark to me. She obliged. I’m one happy DIY camper.

Then, I visited Jewelius, fell in love with three sweaters, and left with a scarf for someone on my Christmas list. Next up, I headed over to Cherry Creek North unsure of what I’d find. Nervous about shopping within reason, I was quite surprised to find some great gifts under $50.

Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Candle, $36, is my new favorite and likely the only holiday candle I’ll ever buy again after lighting it tonight. It is perfection. Shop at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc., if you can’t find a local store with these. A Big Sky candle also almost came home with me, but had to resist.

The Nest Fragrance - Birchwood Pint

A book, meticulously wrapped, from Artisan Center, will make its way to a family member overseas. Followed this with a visit to the Hermitage Books, and then on to Division West for some husband gift hunting.

Phew – that’s a wrap! I still visited a number of not-so-small businesses to finish up my holiday shopping. But I’m proud to say I managed to knock out 90% of my Christmas shopping list in just one afternoon. Tomorrow, the decoration begins!