Ah, the joys of advertisements!


Magazines! Oh Amazon.com and your effective email campaigning. I loathe you because I now have like eight magazine subscriptions. Maybe I should thank them for rekindling a lost flame? Each time one appears in the mail, I get the same giddy feeling. I run to my room, throw on some sweats (or shorts and a sports bra due to temps in the city) and jump onto the bed and analyze the cover. Getting ready for the upcoming season, seeing what the latest starlet is doing with her hair, opening the front cover. All of it is magical and very ceremonial. Totally irreplaceable, no sir, no ma'am I am NOT replacing my warm, delicious smelling paper and magazines with a cold brick of technology. I'll consider it once the perfume producers of the world have figured out to how to convey their smells through the iPad/Kindle/nextcooltechthing.

That brings me to my next point. I love ads. Not just the high fashion ads in Harper's Bazaar that lead to instinctual female salivation over the latest??structured??Fendi bag or Louis Vuitton mid-century glamour shot. Michael Kors (fall ads are my current favorite) – the colors, the season, the props, the clothes. Sure, they are all beautiful. But the real beauty? The story told by advertisements. So when the first magazine comes in, and I know there are six or seven more coming in the coming weeks, I prepare my brain for story time. I soak up the images, the feelings, the scents, the textures.??

Important to note that I maintain this ritualistic joy with the following magazines: Town & Country, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Shape, Redbook, Maxim, and Ikea's yearly catalog.??

My mailman might be wondering, what are the demographics of this household?
32-56 year old women with money to burn???18-36 year old male? He must live with a woman, or he would subscribe to Playboy.??Active and healthy??16-26 year old female? 28-46 mother with children in elementary school?

None of the above in case you were wondering. I just try to stay read up on demographics other than my own. And I'm a sucker for advertisements and discount subscriptions from Amazon.com.

3 thoughts on “Ah, the joys of advertisements!

  1. I know exactly how you feel! Amazon got me last month too. Now I am impatiently waiting for my magazines to come in. I hope they come soon..


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