In honor of #nyfw: A Blogger Inspired Purchase

As you know I was a slow adopter of this blogging thing, but now I've been bit. My latest time suck – fashion blogs. Due to a severe attraction to cotton tees, tanks and jeans, I am not a trendsetter. I love plain stuff. That being said, I love seeing what other people are wearing, buying, trying, deciding, all of it. But I haven't been inspired to purchase something that I've seen on a blog. Until today. This could become a dangerous-to-my-budget hobby. In anticipation for the fall, my current favorite season, I've been plotting some purchases.

Fall/winter wish list:
1. Utilitarian shaped bag
2. Cable knit scarf (purchased a couple weeks ago. great find. // Marshall's $6)
3. New coat (a cute one, not deadofwinter long black Bertha parka)
4. Waterproofer for my suede boots
5. Fleece (been rocking the same one since my junior year of high school!)

After reading Bonjour It's Jinah's post of her??fall favorites, I knew I'd found my number one on the fall wish list. I am now the lucky owner of one Klein Tools Canvas Tool bag from Home Depot. And yes, I'm aware that it's semi-amusing that I just purchased a purse at Home Depot but I like tools and I like repurposing. The kind sir that assisted me with my purchase in the Cartersville, Ga. Home Depot thought I was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. Great customer service, by the way, I recommend buying the purse-toolbag in store for the sake of a good laugh.

Photos soon to come when I get a camera cord. Ha. I'm so techno-advanced.


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