Cabin Fever Yields a Hunt

Thank you February cabin fever for lighting the fire under my design-lusting brain, and getting me motivated! Something about the cold chill in the air has pushed the process to adulthoodification further this month. I’ve been plotting a move to a new neighborhood for a while now, but haven’t been willing to sacrifice an amazingly comfortable apartment for a good location. Things that drew me to the current apartment were double closets that line an entire wall of my bedroom, a brand new bathroom, updated kitchen with a sprayer nozzle on the faucet amongst other things. Sure, these might not be fancy-living luxuries, but closet space is a hot commodity and an updated bathroom is one a great detail. The thing that isn’t so luxury? The location. For everything I gain in the apartment, I lose in the one hour commute to civilization that I take daily. For about 10 months out of the year, I appreciate my long commute, it gives me much needed quiet time with a book. Who knew the best place to have quiet private reading time is in the middle of rush hour commute in Chicago?

Anyways, like I said, I’m plotting my next move. I’m obsessed with real estate, I look at apartments and houses for sale multiple times per week, I figured it’s time to get serious about my hunt and my planning. I need to find somewhere that cuts my commute in half, and will likely double my rent. After years in my current area, I’m ready to give myself the gift of location. 

The mission:
Find new apartment

Requirements (doesn’t seem like a lot, but the pre-requirements are in the budget):
I’m looking for a one bedroom in a safe neighborhood with active (not overpowering) nightlife, shopping, community features and a bit of character. Ummm, I’ll call it what it is, I want to live in one of the nice neighborhoods in Chicago! It’s going to be an adventure, I’m easy to please when I like it, but I freak about the details. Carpet? Makes me want to cry. Tiny bedroom, no biggy. Smells? Don’t even get me started.

Move-out date:
Summer (yes, I’m planning six months ahead, I can’t help it)

The fun stuff:The most important part of any space is the way it makes the person inside it feel. I love warm spaces with a cool color palette. Industrial or character-filled details are the prettiest, I’m not afraid of a challenge, and I adore natural light. The best part? There is some required shopping. I have the big stuff, bedroom set (considering refinishing it with help of soon-to-be-launched Les Bons Truvants), television (it’s big and pretty and HGTV looks great on it), and the kitchen necessities. What I don’t have? Anything for the main living area… stay tuned for more details.
I leave you with my most important new apartment purchase to date. 12 stemless wine glasses, I can break six and still be set before moving!


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Yields a Hunt

  1. We should discuss this. My hidden talent is that I’m kind’ve a Craigslist savant when it come to apartments. I’ll stop by tomorrow to talk neighborhoods. I pay $850 on a 1 bedroom I LOVE in a neighborhood I LOVE. It’s possible.


  2. Jessi – we must discuss! I won’t be in the office tomorrow, but I think we might be kindred spirits in apartment hunting, so we will have to chat in detail. Ah! So many things to consider. Your wiseness will be greatly appreciated.


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