The Devil went Down to Georgia

At the end of good days and bad, a phone call with my mom or dad and makes everything better. A good long chat is almost always finished up with a Dr. Seuss quote – “know what you know.” Well, here’s what I know: St. Patrick’s Day is always a holiday that makes me homesick. Thank goodness I’ll be down in Georgia with my family in no time at all!

I haven’t been there since the holidays. Look at my parents house, it snowed on Christmas Day. First time since like the 1880s or something wonderfully magical. We all know I love my snow!


Some of the adventures planned for my upcoming trip? Of course, I’ll start off daydreaming on a plane out of the city…


I’ll spend some time relaxing. Nothing better than a glass of sweat tea, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers out on the back porch listening to the birds. Probably do some more daydreaming.


Surely, my mom and I will have an awkward photo session. We begin with me scowling…


…and the shoot will result in one photo deemed “least awkward.”


Last but not least, there is an afternoon of fishing and relaxing out on Lake Allatoona in the works (weather permitting).


I should note these photos are collected from multiple trips to Georgia; I intentionally left out the less-than-dreamy shots including:
Sunburnt armpits
Mosquito bites the size (and shape) of Illinois
The copper head in my parents front yard (documented by my mom)
The lightening strike down the street that I watched and thought I was going to die. 
…Followed closely by the three inch creepy-crawly centipede crawling on me – I think the little bugger was as scared of the lightening strike as I was!

Wish me luck down in the south – the forecast is looking like a balmy 73 degrees and sunny! 


PS – While I don’t think the airlines would be too happy, do you think I can stick my boyfriend in my suitcase and bring him along too? 

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