A Love Affair with North Woods Vintage


A while back my good friends Jeana and Grant (and myself of course) were looking for an adventure on a Sunday morning. We needed inspiration and a distraction from the real world. As any good friends do, we started with Mexican food and plans to take over the world. This quickly lead to an antiquing furniture hunt for things none of us needed nor intended to purchase. 

The location: Andersonville

The goal: Inspiration and Fresh Air

The outcome: lot’s of laughing, dreaming and Les Bon Truvants-ing. Surely ruining the language, sorry about that Kristen and Grant!

Anywho, towards the end of our little adventure we stumbled upon Brimfield – a vintage, upholstery, furniture, blanket North Woods heaven. The place smelled like my house growing up, a tri-level with wood panelling on a little lake. The place made the things I once thought were ugly (but still remind me of home) and made them magnificent. Hello wool blanket upholstered chair from my childhood and probably yours, too? I love you. 




Grant gasped, Jeana screeched, I squawked and we all gawked. The three of us – Michiganian, Wisconsonian née Minnesotan and Illinoisian, respectively – were surrounded by various aspects of our childhood. Multiple senses engaged, we were all mesmerized. This isn’t just a store you visit. This is a store you smell, touch, remember and dream your way through. My mobile pictures don’t even come close to doing this place justice, and the store’s website is being redone – this is all for you, the readers, benefit. You must visit this store and take it all in.

Want more info? Check out this write-up on Apartment Therapy, drop by the store’s blog and say hi to them @BrimfieldUS. Most importantly, go visit, and make sure to have a chat with the owners, they are as charming as their store. 

5219 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640

– Eliza


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