Saturday: Pseudo-Sick Day

I’m a firm believer in an occasional sick day. Even if you could push through being sick and get your work done, sometimes it is best to just rest in order to refresh mind, body and soul. But here’s my problem, I rarely get sick. You know that pesky cold that people always get? Sure, I get it once in a while, but I used to get it twice a year at the major season changes. Sounds crazy, but I’m sort of missing that pattern right now.

I’ve been fairly healthy recently (thank goodness, not complaining) and the last time I was sick I had to go to the urgent care folks. Who knew that a really stiff neck with a throat on fire is serious? I didn’t, but apparently those are the symptoms of something deadly. Ha. If I believed that, I’d have been in the hospital twice a year my whole life for change of season cold and flu! I also signed my name to my blog post E-to-the-Z-to-the-1-2-3. Totally delirious. 

Back to my point, getting sick is the world’s way of telling you to take it easy. Being tired and groggy and punk as my mom says is ominous. And then the actually being sick part sucks – you are achy, you want to cry, drinking/talking/swallowing/breathing hurts like a mother-effer and you can’t get through the day without those things. No doubt about it, being sick blows!

But let’s look at the positives of the cold/flu. 

  • Sweatpants and a hoodie is socially acceptable
  • Watching crappy television is normal, if not expected
  • Staying in bed all day goofing around online is fun until you get bored
  • Finishing that book that has been begging your attention is a must
  • You sound like absolute hell, which is exactly how you feel – no faking that
  • You can eat whatever you want because it makes your throat feel better

And most importantly, you can relax for an entire day without feeling like a slacker. 

All of these things are acceptable on a Saturday when its cloudy out too, right? At least for the first few hours of the day? I guess I’m taking a mental health half-day today. 

– E to the Z to the 123 


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