t-minus six days…

Until I get to drink wine!


True story – I’m counting down the days until the end of Lent. Before you give me grief for being bad at lenten promises, I should note that I am not Catholic. I give up something for lent to challenge myself and make myself a better person. Oh hell, my budget has something to do with this…By not drinking since Wednesday, March 9th, I estimate that I’ve saved roughly $600. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

  • $20 for dinner
  • $25 for drinks
  • $27 for a cab home

If I went out every Friday and Saturday, that would equal $864 total. DAMN, that’s a ton of money, but I don’t go out even Friday and Saturday. I would say though that on average I go once per weekend and spend around $72 for a night out in Chicago which equals $432. Then you add the garbage that I likely eat the next day and consider that I spend around $12 on wine per week at the grocery. We are up at $504. It’s safe to estimate that I spend the final $96 out and about with coworkers and/or friends throughout the weeks of Lent. 

Here’s to Monday, and to the last week of Lent. Looking forward to re-entering the life of a 20-something wino. 




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