My power shoes

So, I embrace power items – a single wardrobe item that makes me feel like I can do anything, conquer anything, look sexy, turn heads, and, of course, take over the world. A standard power item in any wardrobe (man or woman) is a killer pair of shoes, and while my collection is vast, my all time favorite power shoes are these:




Yep, there they are.. an old pair of boots. I’ve had them for eight years and they replaced a pair that I had for nearly six years before that. Do the math – got my first pair of these kicks when I was in middle school and replaced them mid way through high school. I wore this pair through college, and will likely play out the rest of my once-a-year-rugby habit in them.They’ve played on soccer fields are rugby pitches across the midwest, no less than five states and no more than ten championship matches. These suckers smell bad, are held together with electrical tape, have no support and very warn down cleats, and they fit me like a glove. I feel like a princess, supermodel, rockstar and all-around-ass-kicker in these shoes.

In this pair of shoes I can do anything, be anything and beat anything.

Well, at least that’s how they make me feel. My overall win-to-lose ratio is probably 5:1 which just so happens to the magic equation of a successful life in my eyes. Want more details? Maybe some other day when I’m not so sore that it is impossible to get out of bed.

A sore ex-soccer player and once-yearly-out-of-retirement rugger





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