Moving on up and moving on

So, remember a couple months back I shared some big, exciting life news? It is finally almost June 1st! After a weekend spent packing, realizing I have too much stuff, so unpacking and purging (donating) everything that I don’t love or haven’t used in the past 6 months, and then finally finishing packing, the day is here! I move out of my two bedroom shared with my wonderful roommate of two years into my first beautiful apartment with Leo. 

Things I’ll miss: Closet size – monstrous and all to myself, brand spanking new rehabbed bathroom, living less than a block from the el in to downtown. And, in retrospect, I had a huge room which was pretty nice, but totally unnecessary. 


Things I will miss only a little: one hour commute to work each morning (I loved it for a while because of the reading/relaxing time, but it got to be troublesome if I ever wanted to do something fun after work), and packing. I won’t miss that at all! I’ve said it before, I have too much stuff, and I still do! I got rid of a lot, but my goal for the next chunk of life is to bring in more quality items versus quantity. I’m a sucker for a sale, but jeeeeze do I need to cool it on the clothes shopping. 


Anyways, moving on to a new place, can’t wait to share pictures. Probably from my mobile cuz you know that’s what I do. 

Can you tell I’m excited?!


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