Don’t call me a foodie, Part 2


Another big meal attempt under my belt. Lasagna. Not the best in my opinion, but I’m comparing to my dad’s famous lasagna. He balked at my inclusion of ground turkey instead of italian sausage or ground beef. He offered some solid solutions to my shortcuts, i.e. adding some onions and ground beef to a quality jarred sauce, but my mom chimed in, “the sauce is key, must be homemade, I’ve tried every shortcut there is.” They are coming to visit me in a couple weeks, I’ll be having to lasagna making lesson. Leo loved it, and I’ll have lunch for the next six days. Little victories. 

I was going to follow a recipe from Green Little Bites for Turkey Lasagna Roll-ups, but opted for the recipe on the Prince Lasagna noodle box. Trying to keep it simple. 

Probably going to need to try following some recipes from my friend Lucia’s blog, My Big Fat Italian Life. It was her birthday this week, Happy Birthday girl!!, and I want to try out some of her recipes. I’ve been lucky enough to snag leftovers from her before. Anyone that says, “the socialite in me beat down the ‘wanna be skinny bitch’ in me and I caved,” is a good food-friend for me. She can be the foodie, I’ll continue eating her leftovers. A few of the best tastes I’ve had from her blog?

And I had some stuffed shells that were to die for. Have to get a recipe from her! And maybe discover the secret joy of cooking because, while I get it, I sorta don’t get it. 


One thought on “Don’t call me a foodie, Part 2

  1. Um, looks delish but I agree with papa – ground sausage is key. I hope you’ll bring some over in a tupperware!


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