Oh the weekend! New hair, new hobby

Light hair was sent away. Back to being a dark brunette. Finally, and it feels amazing!!

This weekend was much needed. Went kayaking with my best friend, got some great advice then chomped on Mexican at Tarascas in Lincoln Park. This kayaking thing is a new fave. I went in Georgia a few months ago on a river and have gone out on Lake Michigan twice in the past few weeks. Super relaxing! And Tarascas? So tasty, but we ate way too much. Now just sitting, listening to the rain hit the glass and the thunder. Great weekend! Now prep for a long week ahead.

❤ E


2 thoughts on “Oh the weekend! New hair, new hobby

  1. Ah, yes, it is true…there was a moment of vomiting desire. I typically leave that out though when reminiscing on such a magical afternoon with my bestie! Thanks for coming with me lady!


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