Losing my Lululemon Virginity and Comparisons

My bestest friend texted me on Friday morning asking me if I wanted something from the Lululemon warehouse sale in Chicago. 


Yes please, I’d love something. I gave her a budget ($100-$150) and told her to go have fun. I much prefer to let someone else do my shopping, so easy, and I don’t have to think! I sound like I’ve done this a hundred times, I haven’t, this is the first time I’ve done this, but it is the way to go. Anyways, I trust the girl with my life, so obviously I trust her with my closet. She re-organized it once too.


So, she grabbed me that grey hoodie on the left and a purple bag (below). Love them both, I’ve been living in them for the past two days.


This is where I started thinking – am I on the Lululemon bandwagon? Bags? Yes – super functional, great storage cute as can be. Hoodies? Pretty freaking great. It fits great, looks awesome on my body, hugs the smallest part of my waist fully accentuating the limited curve that I have. Yep, I’m in. So, I’m in love with the clothes that I will never actually wear to work out. But then I got to thinking, what about the pants? What about the workout tanks? 

I wanted to do some super comparison shopping because that is what I do. Lululemon’s workout clothes are similar to Oakley’s workout clothes. But are they worth paying almost twice as much? In full disclosure, I worked for Oakley for three years and am horribly biased to LOVE everything they do. But…. Their workout tops are really close in price to Lululemon’s, and from what I’ve heard Lulu’s tops are killer for workouts and lounging. So the big L wins this battle.

But let’s talk about the yoga pants. Again, disclosure, I don’t workout or do yoga in any of this stuff (rugby or soccer shorts and cotton tee/wifebeater are my preferred workout gear) so my opinions don’t go too far. Oakley wins this battle – for half the price at the Oakley Vault store I can buy crops for $20-$40 and full-length yoga pants for $40-$65. My butt will look just as good in $50 yoga pants as it will in $100 yoga pants. Oakley wins this battle. 

Source: oakleyvault.com via Eliza on Pinterest 

If you want to see the full breakdown of pant/tank comparisons, take a look at my Pinterest To Purchase board. To all the ladies that braved the Lululemon warehouse sale, I commend you.

What is your favorite athletic clothes brand? How much are you willing to pay for yoga pants? Tanks?


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