Manic(ure) Monday: Love #2 Nail Polish and Books

One day before Valentine’s Day! A little pink, purple and gold plaid on the nails and a big smile on my face. I’m making cookies for Leo for Valentine’s Day, reading magazines and relaxing. That leads me to two of the things that I love a ton – nail polish and printed material (books, magazines, heck, I even love maps). I stopped in to my local nail polish supplier and picked up a few new colors for late winter and into the start of spring, but the main goal was a fun magenta base for v-day nails. You’ll note these pretty bottles sitting a top a very pretty Harry Potter book. See how I’m combining two loves into one Manic(ure) Monday?

My favorite magazines include all the fashion glossies, some women’s lifestyle, cooking and home decor with a dash of history/culture with the Smithsonian.

In the book arena, I love all things popular and have no qualms about reading enjoyable literature – romance novels, textbooks (history), biographies, young adult (Potter anyone? What about The Hunger Games?), the list goes on. If it feels like a book and smells like a book and barks like a book, I love it. I’m even liking books on my iPad, but shhhhh, don’t tell my English Lit lover of a grandma. She’d be heartbroken.

Off to eat my dad’s Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and then to bed! And yes, that’s a hint for Wednesday’s post.

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to tell someone and some more ones that you love them! Everyone needs a little more love, that’s why holidays like tomorrow exist!




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