{trip report} Day 2: Malibu, Neptune’s Net & more ocean

A month ago I went on a glorious vacation with my family and intended to post about the entire thing here. Sadly, or not so sadly, life got in the way. In an attempt to rehash my memories, I’ll share short tidbits when the mood strikes. The full trip report will stay in my Word document unedited…

Day One: 

On day two, we explored some more! After a morning on Rodeo Drive (yes, I bought a purse), we headed up to Malibu and through the surrounding canyons. This included was a stop at a restaurant that cameod in the Fast and Furious series – Neptune’s Net! I was star struck, the food was magical, we all had a great meal!


If you go to Neptune’s Net in Malibu, make sure to get the fresh seafood NOT the fried stuff. This place gets a ten in my book – a heaping plate of freshly steamed veggies and shrimp, great sourdough bread and an ear of corn with a cold beer overlooking the ocean? Yep. Heaven.


My mom sitting at our table — that might even have been where the actors sat during filming! Tons of motorcycle dudes were walking around, totally adding the atmosphere. 


After lunch, we ran across the street to go play on the rocks and watch the sunset. Another great day spent on the ocean. 


I took tons of pictures of the family, but this is probably one of my favorites of my brother and me. In my small collection of family photos, I have a shot just like this at various points in our lives. Making faces and laughing. Love it.


My favorite thing about these? My dad and my brother have so many similar mannerisms that came out! Look at the way they walk, stand, play with sea creatures, all of it!

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