Travel: Malibu Dreams

Malibu, California

Oh Malibu, how much I love you. I can’t get the ocean out of my head! And fresh, steamed seafood with the ocean breeze coming across Highway 1 — the Pacific Coast Highway? Dreaming as I look through these pictures from last year. We stopped in Malibu after a morning spent exploring Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. A late lunch at Neptune’s Net was a favorite memory from the whole trip. Highly recommend stopping here and ordering from the steamed side of the restaurant, not fried, for a really wonderful meal.

We drove back down to LA through the Topanga Canyon, which is a beautiful drive! But the whole time, all I could think of was the beach, the sunset and the food.

Louis Vuitton, Rodeo Drive
A little shopping on Rodeo Drive. The staff here were wonderful and incredibly accommodating.
Neptune's Net, Malibu, California, Seafood
Freshest streamed seafood and veggies from Neptune’s Net in Malibu.
Neptune's Net, Malibu, California, fresh seafood
Shooting oysters in the sun.
Malibu, California
Overlooking Malibu Beach from Highway 1.
Neptune's Net Fast and Furious
Neptune’s Net, which you may remember from an appearance in the Fast and Furious movie.
Malibu, California
Sun starting to set in Malibu.
Malibu, California
Surfer’s silhouette in the setting sun.
Malibu Barbie
I’m no Malibu Barbie, but when you’re here, you’ll feel just like her!
Malibu, California
Sea creatures for exploring on the beach.
Malibu, California
This place is heaven.
Malibu, California
Back up on the PCH looking down on Malibu Beach.
Malibu, California
On this bench, I could sit writing for the rest of my life and be happy as can be.

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