Grand Lake with Grand Views

Earlier this summer Leo and I took a quick one day trip into the mountains to meet with some friends from Chicago. The cabin we stayed in was perfect. A family cabin built by the family in the 1970s was the perfect backdrop for s’mores by the fire and watching the moon come up over the evergreens. Absolutely wonderful for a quick run out of the city.

After we got in, we grilled up burgers, hot dogs and corn while sipping on ice cold beers and laughing with old friends. A needed taste of something slower for sure. Until the next time I’m in the mountains, this is what’ll I’ll be thinking of.

Grand Lake
Pretty skies over a pretty, but ice cold lake
Grand Lake Town Sign
Side of the road sign scenery.
Driving out of Grand Lake
Driving out of Grand Lake
Grand Lake
Taking in the views on Grand Lake!

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