January Reading List

Here it is – the reads for January!

I’m about a quarter through the Paris Architect and find some of the main characters reaction a bit unrealistic, but the author creates a decent portrait of a guy doing good for the wrong reasons. Assuming he’ll begin doing right for the right reasons once his “brilliant” designs fail the people they were designed to keep safe. A few rough scenes of the German Occupation in Paris have made me cringe and almost put the book down for good – but I realize this fictional tale is only showing the reality of a horrific period of history.

Lone Survivor was purchased months ago following those damn-near-perfect Amazon recommendations following my completion of No Easy Day (which comes with my highest recommendations). I purchased it, read the first 30 pages, sobbed and decided I couldn’t handle any more, and stopped reading. Notice a theme here? Planning to pick it back up and finish it.

And The Hobbit. My father gave me his copy of the book in a well-worn cover and paper wrapping that I remember always being in our library when I was young. After watching the first movie of the trilogy, and then reading the first few pages, I can sadly say I wished I’d finished the book prior to watching the movie. My imagination wants to run wild with J.R.R. Tolkien’s story, but I have the visuals of the movie blocking a bit of that imagination. Not to worry – I will not watch the second two movies until I’ve completed this book.

Wish me luck on some major reading endeavors in the year ahead!

What is on your New Year reading list? Did you resolve to read more?


One thought on “January Reading List

  1. We saw Lone Ranger in the theater and it was intense, hard to watch in some parts so I can see why you might have put it down. I just started reading MWF Seeking BFF and I’m hopeful it gives me some perspective/help on being a 27 yr old city girl who still wants to have close friendships. And got The Fault in our Stars just cause there will be a movie soon. Will let you know what I think!


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