St. Mary’s Glacier and Lake

Good friends say yes when you text them all but begging to go for a hike on week three of your husband being away on business. And then you get lost, drive like a maniac, take beautiful pictures, and enjoy a few hours of beautiful fall day in Colorado. So thankful that my Colorado community is so wonderful.

Beautiful, no?

Just a quick hike up a nice path and the view opens up to this.
Alex and I trying to get the pup to pose with us. Because when the scenery is this pretty, you have to take a picture!
This girl. Love her and her perfect pup!
These trees are straight Dr. Seuss on a twisted hillside. So creepy. But amazing at the same time. Such a great morning with these kids.
Greg, Alex and Elliott… and Bailey! Great friends who I am SO grateful for joining me on a Saturday morning hike.
Here’s the beach at St. Mary’s Lake. This lake is absolutely the coldest body of water I’ve ever felt. My hand lasted in the water for about two seconds.
Colorado does clouds right.
One more for prosperity.

IMG_4280 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 IMG_4294 

That, my friends, is a glacier. With people skiing on it. In 70* weather. Normal.
That, my friends, is a glacier. With people skiing on it. In 70* weather. Normal.
When you lose your keys, drive an hour and then find them… you take another hour to drive around on dirt roads by yourself . And then you found the most perfect little serene spot. This is heaven on earth.

Dropping my keys at the trailhead was part of the adventure. We got back to Denver, I dropped everyone off, got home, ready to walk in my door, and realized my house keys fell off my keychain. No bueno.

I felt completely defeated. So I drove back up to the trailhead – an hour away – and just kept saying, “they’ll be there. I’ll find them.” And I did. Thanks for playing a little trick on me world, I appreciate it.


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