Honeymooning and Housebuying

Remember when I posted this petrified rant about homebuying in Denver just over a month ago? Well, that was one honeymoon, a birthday and a move ago. A lot can happen in 45 days!

Our honeymoon first. We went to Mexico (note obligatory clouds over ocean and land coming into view photos below) and stayed at the Royalton Riviera Cancun. A beautiful resort owned by a Canadian company. After a mixup with our reservation, a panicked first two hours and a whole lot of arguing with the hotel and not being able to get in touch with our travel agent, we changed into our suits and headed down to the pool. No point in crying over spilled milk. Or crying in paradise period! Off we went and never looked back to those first two hours.

Even though our issue was never resolved — we booked an ocean-front room; however, we were given a presidential suite overlooking the beautiful mangrove-looking swamp jungle behind the hotel — it ended up being a blessing. At the end of each afternoon, when we were ready for a bit of R&R before dinner, we returned to our room and had a huge balcony with no people in sight for miles and miles. That kind of privacy made it feel like we were a million miles away on our own island where topless sunbathing is encouraged while you catch up on your favorite magazines (looking at you T&C). In retrospect, I actually think this was a preferred experience for me because it gave me the solitude I worried would be missed at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.


Our stay ended up being incredible. The food was fantastic. The beach was beautiful and nearly empty. The water was warm and the cocktails waiting at our chairs were cold after a swim in the salty magical ocean. This is one of the most luxurious experiences I’ve had in my life. When there’s nothing to do but swim, sun, read, sip, eat and snuggle with your best friend in a beautiful place? You’d be a fool to be anything but happy.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was leaving our phones in the room safe and being entirely disconnected for five days (and then some – when we got home, we didn’t turn them back on hardly at all until we went back to work on Monday!). During our entire stay, I took ten photos. Five of them here from the sunrise on our last day. Five more on my GoPro which I haven’t plugged in yet. High-fives to our coworkers/bosses who make these kinds of breaks a reality. We spent so much time enjoying each other’s company, laughing and not having a care in the world…


Except one major life detail. We were closing on a house the day we got back from vacation. We actually had to cut our trip a day short to get back in time! All ended up working out smoothly with the closing, and we got the keys for the house while our sunkissed faces tried their damnedest not to peel. Happy homeowners!

We moved the following weekend – Sunday – after Leo’s birthday that Saturday. Thank goodness our friends are supportive of day-drinking on rooftops in beautiful Denver weather. Otherwise our 7am wake-up call and 8am movers arriving would’ve been rough! We had a great day celebrating him surrounded by so many people we love. Now we just need spring to come so he can start taking advantage of my golf-friendly birthday presents.


For another day… we’ve been eating mostly paleo since just before March 1st. It’s March 17. My stomach has been without issue for 3 weeks. This is the longest stretch of time that I haven’t battled major stomach issues since I can remember. I’m documenting some of the food on an Instagram account (yes, it’s one of those annoying food accounts that posts all the time about food and food and cooking and food) so I can remember meals I’ve tried and liked/disliked. I actually don’t recommend you follow it – I’m not photog or chef or stylist. But I do highly recommend keeping that kind of an account to capture a new way of cooking and thank all the wonderful people whose foods I stalk online and try to recreate in my amazing new -to-me kitchen with vintage bronze tiles.

@newnukem on Instagram is my most perfectly captured and filtered life. @elizagreyinlove on Instagram….is a different story. This month it’s food. Next month, I’ll have a new hobby to capture. And it won’t be pretty. Just like my cooking.



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