Manic(ure) Monday: Go Overboard and Other Gems

On the nails – Go Overboard by Essie from the new spring collection. It is on my toes and fingers and it is totally prepping me for the spring. Saturated hues are great on the nails and look so good with a tan. (Need to work on that last part). I even managed to capture me giving it a thumbs up, totally accidental.

President’s Day meant no work for me today! I relaxed at my apartment ad loved sitting by the heater with the sun beating in through the sun porch at my apartment. Since meeting Charlie, I’ve been on a baking spree! For breakfast I ate a tasty slice of banana bread with french vanilla coffee – heaven. I thought about putting dress-up stuff away from the weekend like sparkly purses, but the sun looked too pretty hitting the sparkles! Then I tried to think of a good place for my favorite piece of furniture – vintage chest. Didn’t get very far because I just kept looking at it and loving it right where it is. I did around the design of the blog a bit, let me know what y’all think.

What is your favorite thing to do on a mid-winter day off?

❤ Eliza


Love #4: Cookies and the sweet things

I love cookies, especially cookies that remind me of being a kid baking with my dad (theme of tomorrow, I’m excited!). Double especially when I make the first batch and they are as ugly as the ones below. Then I smile when the next batch looks less droopy and mashed. And then, the third batch that burnt a bit … well, they are my favorite because dipped in milk, they yield the best dark chocolate and oatmeal flavor and crunch. This, folks, is why cookies are great – even in the less-than-perfect ones, there is perfection. Life lesson taught through love and cookies.

Also, meet my new mixer. Thinking of naming her Charlie. Or would it be a him? Nope, her name is Charlie!


Also, I was going to bring cookies to work, but got anxious because they are so ugly. My mom told me that these cookies have always been ugly, but nobody notices because they are so good. Maybe next adventure in baking, but for now, new baking jitters are getting the best of me. Is this normal?

Love and cookies,