Stages of Home Buying in Denver

Here’s what the last month of our lives has looked like.

Our budget is $xyz,000.
We want 3 bedrooms.
2 bathrooms would be nice, but we could live with 1.

Could we live with one bathroom?
Well, we could add one in a few years. How much is a bathroom?
Oh. We want a 3 bd, 2 bath house.

Do we need 3 bedrooms? It’s just the two of us.
Look how cute this 2 bed, 1 bath house is.
And it’s in a great neighborhood – the one we already live in!
Cute layout! Cute architectural details! Cute!

Well, great neighborhood might be an over exaggeration.

Our new car got broken into. We don’t want to live in this neighborhood.

Cute means small. Two bedrooms isn’t going to get us very far when we have a kid. What if we have two?

Ok, so we want 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

Our budget is still $xyz,000, but could we stretch it?

Maybe a few grand, nothing more. What’s on the market in our budget?

Needs to be gutted, but trendy neighborhood.
Needs to be gutted, in up and coming neighborhood.
Needs to be gutted, in a crappy neighborhood.
Needs to be torn down, but the property is stunning!
Needs to be torn down, and comes with plans for a $750k modern masterpiece house!
Needs to be torn down.

Oh. Oh my gosh. Did you see this one? It’s in our budget.
It’s kitchen is remodeled.
It’s got three bedrooms.
We could live with one bathroom if the kitchen is remodeled.
Let’s go see it. This could be it.
Sold. Off the market before we even emailed our realtor.

We’ll find one. There has to be one out there for us.
Nope. Another one bites the dust.
We’re never going to find a house.
Fuck it, we should just rent for another year.
Whoa. Did you see how much rent went up last year?
Let’s look at more houses.

Did you see this one? It’s got three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
It’s quirky.
It’s kitchen is vintage. Quaint. Charming. Are those metallic bronze tiles?
But square feet. It has lots of them.
And a back yard. Partially covered.
Carport. But in a safe neighborhood.
I can live with a carport.
I can live with bronze kitchen tiles.
I can live with this house.
Can we live with this house?
Can we have a family here?

I think so.
I do too.
Fuck it. Let’s put in an offer.
There are already two other offers.
We aren’t going above $xyz,000.
We’ll offer $5k above $xyz,000.
And wait.
And wait.
Offer was accepted.
Wait. What?

Holy shit. Did we offer too much?
Why did they accept our offer?
Is there a murderous dungeon in the basement?
Why did they accept our offer?
Are we in a floodzone despite being in a semi-dessert?
Is there something we missed?

Why did they accept our offer? Is this too good to be true?
We’ll see what the inspection says.

To be continued…. wish us luck!