Quarter Century Bucket List – Wish me luck!

I had a birthday this week, the big 2-4. Might not seem like a big deal, my coworkers think I???m crazy, but I feel old. Not because 24 is actually old, but because (almost) a quarter century is a heck of a lot of life to have lived! I figured this is a good time to make my bucket list ??? not for my whole life, but just for the year. Small goals are easier to achieve, right? I???m fashioning this bad boy after a list I read by a good friend Jeana (she manhandled her list, I plan to be as successful).

By the end of summer:

???????????? Volunteer once per month
???????????? Church every other month
???????????? Donate one third of my closet (hence only keeping the things that I wear)
???????????? Purchase all white sheets and comforter (ultimate luxury that is both impractical and utterly gorgeous)
???????????? Purchase television
???????????? Worry less
???????????? Drink more
???????????? Or should that be drink more and worry less?
???????????? Learn how to use the weight machines at my gym
???????????? Begin weight training
???????????? Join a rugby team (played in college, miss it dearly)
???????????? Wear more high heels
???????????? Eat more with my girlfriends and explore Chicago restaurants

???????????? Cook more food, eat more interesting foods (these two go hand in hand)

By the end of year 24:

???????????? Real estate education (because I don???t want to be uneducated when I buy my first house and because it has been a life long dream)
???????????? Snowboarding trip to Colorado (and meet the boyfriends family)
???????????? Visit brothers
???????????? While visiting brothers in LA – surf, find a gem at the swap meet, do ANYTHING reckless (drag race, motorcycle ride on the coast, dune buggies, Vegas?)
???????????? While visiting parents in Georgia see the historical places I should have already experienced but instead I visited the pool.??
???????????? Go to lunch, brunch, breakfast, dinner or coffee with my grandma more often (she is fascinating)

Wish me luck!

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