Not sure which is more neglected: blog or to-do list?

The magic of this post? Kills two birds with one stone, a blog post completed and a check off of my to-do list. Less neglected blog, less neglected to-do list. Other things knocked off the to-do list? Fresh paint on the nails, new sports bra purchased (this is only useful if I go to the gym tomorrow, which is also on my list), purchased a few tops, groceries purchased… Ok, truth – the shirts weren’t on my to-do list but I needed some more orange in my life and I walked away from TWO pairs of wonderfully cheerful orange kicks. Bonus addition to the list for the night? Signing up for following posts about the site from @katierogers??on Chicago Now’s BrokeassBlog??and @nicklucido. And most important part of my evening? I smiled at strangers! That always makes a day a little more magical.

Hope your week is starting off great – Happy Monday!




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