Manic(ure) Monday: Y’all Come Back Y’Hear?

The power of polish: having a busy week, or know that one is coming up? Find your favorite color (orange), find your favorite activity (painting my nails), and find your calm happy place (relaxing quietly at night).  

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Painting nails and super calm playing on my iPad (orange cover, of course).


BOOM. Mood inspired to perfection.


Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Color is Y’all Come Back Y’Hear? From OPI’s Texas collection. It is a weird color, almost jellie orange and requires three coats. Not the easiest to apply, but super glossy once dry. Just don’t fall asleep and get sheet marks all over your nails…. which I do every other week, this one included. 

Not sure which is more neglected: blog or to-do list?

The magic of this post? Kills two birds with one stone, a blog post completed and a check off of my to-do list. Less neglected blog, less neglected to-do list. Other things knocked off the to-do list? Fresh paint on the nails, new sports bra purchased (this is only useful if I go to the gym tomorrow, which is also on my list), purchased a few tops, groceries purchased… Ok, truth – the shirts weren’t on my to-do list but I needed some more orange in my life and I walked away from TWO pairs of wonderfully cheerful orange kicks. Bonus addition to the list for the night? Signing up for following posts about the site from @katierogers??on Chicago Now’s BrokeassBlog??and @nicklucido. And most important part of my evening? I smiled at strangers! That always makes a day a little more magical.

Hope your week is starting off great – Happy Monday!