First dinner … epic win fail?

Looked like hell, maybe worse. I made stir fry – gave it the good college try! Tasted good, but not the best proportions of rice to meat to veggies. Maybe I should follow a recipe more closely? HUH? What a concept. Next time! I will be damnsure to include more rice, its the best part of a good stir fry. So, I win because it tasted alright for my first try, and that is all that matters. 

Best part of dinner? Leo does dishes and cleans up the kitchen after dinner. Total keeper. Now I need to convince him to let me do this to a bathroom. What do you think?


From HGTV Design Blog via We Heart It via Dedicated to Make you Smile

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2 thoughts on “First dinner … epic win fail?

  1. Try the Trader Joe’s stir fry…It’s SO good and takes absolutely no effort! I would attempt to make my own stir fry, but with one so good and cheap, what’s the point?


  2. Lucia – great advice! I will have to pick some up this weekend. You know when you make a meal and it isn’t perfect, you want it again right away? Trader Joe’s it is!


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