I’m on a budget, so I blog.

I’ve been plotting a few more purchases in addition to all the apartment purchases. Hunter boots, a Tory Burch clutch and a yellow bike. The bike will happen, the Hunters might happen, the clutch will not. I need none of these things, but a girl on a budget can dream! 

If you are on Pinterest, none of these are a surprise.. but here goes! Maybe blogging about these things will further reiterate that I don’t need them? 

Hunter Boots – I live in Chicago, these are a justifiable purchase for about 10 months out of the year. Just need to pick a color! Orange is my go-to on these types of things, but deep purple, navy, black or dark green might be smarter. 


Tory Burch Clutch – Annie, who I went to Vegas with had this, and I’ve been lusting after it since. I purchased a nice little envelope clutch on my trip, but I want a more permanent clutch stable.   


And then there’s this. A bike, a fun-loving minor investment. Bikes get stolen in Chicago, especially people that are new to biking! So I figure an obnoxious, inexpensive yellow one is a smart choice for cruising around town. What do you think about this one?




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