Thin mountain air sounds like heaven…

So, Leo and I booked a vacation!!! We are off to Denver and then onto Pueblo, Colorado in July. Not that I’m trying to fall in love with Colorado, but I have a feeling its going to happen…

I miss my parents A TON, but the last time we traveled together, we went to visit my family in Georgia for the holidays. This time, we are visiting our good friend Tom in Denver and then staying with Leo’s family in Pueblo. We’ve wanted to take this trip for a while, but we finally have the ability to do it with our schedules coordinating. Pretty nervous about meeting the extended family, but it is one more thing to cross of my quarter century bucket list. Wait – partial cross-off, I said go to Colorado to snowboard and visit the b/f’s family, this totally counts! Hoping I’ll get to see some mountains, rumor has they are big? 

Any must see things in Denver? What about restaurants? We are looking for recos!


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